V1.0.4 - 2023.8.31

Announcing the latest product update, version 1.0.4, released on August 31st, 2023.

I. Introduction

Introducing Momen's newest update, version 1.0.4! Bursting with thrilling new features, improvements, and bug fixes, this release is designed to elevate your development experience. Let's delve into the key highlights!

II. New Features

  1. AI vector storage

The text field has been enhanced with AI vector storage capability, enabling vector sorting and facilitating relevance searches using this field. AI-related functionalities are available for projects with Basic projects and higher.

III. Improvements

  1. Vertical scrolling carousels for list components.

The list component has been enhanced with the ability to create vertical scrolling carousels and full-screen vertical scrolling effects through configuration.

  1. Z-index configuration

We are introducing Z-index configuration, which enables you to modify the stacking order of components, making layout adjustments more convenient.

  1. Setting default values for page data and global data

Through the use of default values, you can initiate page data or global data without requiring additional actions, thereby improving development efficiency. Presently, this feature supports four types: strings, integers, floating-point numbers, and boolean values.

  1. Paste text onto the canvas

Now you can paste text directly into the editor, and they will automatically convert to text component.

  1. Custom components with data binding capabilities

Custom components now offer data binding capabilities, enabling you to bind data in the right-side component bar and transmit it to custom components. Currently, supported data types include TEXT, FLOAT8, INTEGER, BOOLEAN, OBJECT, ARRAY, and IMAGE.

IV. Bugfixes

  1. Resolved issues related to subscription.

VI. What We Are Currently Working On

  1. Permission control v1.1

We are engaged in a comprehensive effort to refine and optimize our permission control system. Our primary goal is to make it not only more intuitive and user-friendly. This refinement encompasses a deep evaluation of the existing user interface, with a strong focus on simplifying complex processes, streamlining navigation, and ensuring seamless interactions.

About Momen

Momen is a no-code web app builder, allows users to build fully customizable web apps, marketplaces, Social Networks, AI Apps, Enterprise SaaS, and much more. You can iterate and refine your projects in real-time, ensuring a seamless creation process. Meanwhile, Momen offers powerful API integration capabilities, allowing you to connect your projects to any service you need. With Momen, you can bring your ideas to life and build remarkable digital solutions and get your web app products to market faster than ever before.

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