Component Control | Conditional Container | Reevaluate Conditions

Please familiarize yourself with Conditional Container and Logical Condition Design before reading this doc.

Action Overview

When a sub-container is configured to use data from remote sources, reevaluating conditions involves updating the sub-container’s judgments based on the most recent data. This process determines which sub-container content is displayed, but note that each "Reevaluate Conditions" action can only manage one conditional container at a time.For pages with multiple conditional containers, consider renaming the container components and their states for clarity in selection during configuration.

Configuration Guide

Prerequisite: Conditional containers exist on the page.

Setup: Assume the sub-container's conditions rely on remote data. To ensure the container updates its judgments based on fresh remote data, typically place the "Reevaluate Conditions" under "Action on Success"

Under successful outcomes, navigate to and set up Component Operations - Conditional Container - Reebaluate Conditions - select the Conditional Container needing recalibration.

Note: Conditional containers often have "Reevaluate Conditions on Remote Data Update" enabled by default. If this is the case, additional configuration to reevaluate upon successful data retrieval is unnecessary.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.​​​

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