AI Feedback Tool

Learning how to use Momen's AI Feedback Tool template to build your first feedback tool and leverage AI in feedback management in this article.


Users can publicly post and vote on feedback for any product. Meanwhile, the product team can synchronize progress based on user feedback. Serving as a project management tool, this template makes product iteration and feedback collection more effective.

I. Page Introduction

  1. Register/Login

A simple login interface. Users need to register when they first access the product.

  1. Homepage

The page displays all the feedback collected. On the feedback list, users can upvote and comment on each feedback. By clicking the tab New and Trending, you'll see the feedback sorted in different ways, organized by popularity or time order. An integrated search box provides essential navigational functionality within the list view.

  1. Feedback Detail

By clicking on the feedback card, you'll be directed to the detail, where the content of the feedback is displayed in detail. Additionally, users can engage in discussions related to this specific feedback.

  1. Create New Posts With Momen AI

Click "Create a New Post", and users will enter the submit page. AI will analyze and process the content filled in, automatically choose the category of the feedback.

II. How to Configure Data

Step 1: Learn How Data Model Works

Situated in the upper-left of the editor, we can view that the structure of the project's data tables is available for inspection. The initial need is to comprehend the association between several main tables and their corresponding informational segments displayed on the page.

Step 2: Data Manipulation in Database

We can directly manipulate data in database. Without the need to modify the frontend, data stored in database is dynamic.

III. How to Deploy the Project

Step 1: Preview

By reaching this stage, you have completed 99% of the content. Now, let's proceed to preview our website. This process typically necessitates an approximate one-minute wait. Upon successful preview, you will obtain a link to a trial version of the webpage as well as a corresponding QR code.

Step 2: Publish

If everything looks good and you have checked for any errors, click on【Publish】to publish the website. Upon successful publication, an official link to the webpage will be made available.

Congratulations! After completing the aforementioned steps, your Canny platform is now ready to operate.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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