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Please review ActionFlow Fundamentals before proceeding with this guide.

ActionFlow Overview

Custom action involves calling an action flow that must be configured beforehand. This flow can then be invoked via buttons or other components/actions.

Configuration Guide

Example: Executing an action via a button click.

Add a Button: Add a button into your interface.

Add an Action: Assign a [Request/Custom Action] to the button.

Select the Action Flow: If parameters are required, configure them under "Required Parameters".

On Success

Configure additional actions to execute upon the successful completion of this custom action.

Result Data

If output parameters are set, they become accessible post-execution and can be utilized in subsequent actions, found under [Result Data].

For instance, if the custom action generates a random number between 0-100, to use this number, define an integer [Page Data] on the page. Upon successful action completion, implement a [Set Page Data] action where the data assignment follows the path "Result Data/Code Block Name/Output Parameter Name".

On Failure

Configure remedial actions to be executed in the event of a request failure. Common issues include:

Errors in configuration

Network issues like fluctuations or interruptions.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.​​​

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