Learn how to use Momen's calendar component to elevate your management and event planning apps.


Calendar is a crucial component in apps that involves management, booking system and event planning. You'll learn the usage of calendar component, including scenarios, design and configurations.

Application Scenarios

  • Schedule Management: In personal and enterprise management software, calendars are used to schedule and track meetings, tasks, and events. Users can view upcoming events and deadlines through the calendar.

  • Appointment and Booking Systems: In appointment systems within industries such as healthcare, beauty, and dining, calendars are used to schedule customer appointments. This helps in managing customer visit times and resource allocation.

  • Holiday and Special Event Marking: Many applications use calendars to mark public holidays, cultural events, or personal significant days (such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

These are just some scenarios of calendar applications; in reality, calendars play a crucial role in almost any field that requires time management and event planning.

Calendar Component Design

Dark Mode: By default, it is turned off. When activated, the background color of the calendar changes to black, and the date is displayed in white.

Display Today: By default, it is turned on. The calendar will display the current month and date.

Calendar Component Content

Selected Date: It supports data binding only and is optional.


When the selected date is not in the format of date/timestamp type, the calendar will not display the selected date.

Output Configuration

The calendar component is not an input-type component. If you want to retrieve the selected date through the calendar component, you need to combine the interactive operations of the calendar component with the page data. Assign the selected result to the page data, and then reference the page data when adding or modifying data. Refer to the calendar component operation example below for guidance.

Calendar Component Interaction

Click date event: the behavior that is executed when you click on a date in the calendar.

Example of operation: Retrieve the clicked date.

  1. Set the page data "day" type as the date.

  1. Drag the calendar component into the page, then in the component's interaction, under the "On data clicked actions," configure the action to "Set Page Data" with the value being the clicked date from the result data. At this point, you need to click on this value to choose the display format for the selected date result, such as "Date": 2023/12/12, "Month Day": 12/12, "Date Time": 2023/12/12 14:00, etc.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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