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Use seamless data exchange in Momen with "Link Data" for enhanced functionality and user experiences.


Step into the world of interconnected data exchange with "Link Data" in Momen. This tutorial will empower you to seamlessly transfer information between pages, enhancing your web app's functionality and user experience.

Before reading this, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with Data Retrieval and Display.

Link Data: data passed between pages of different programs

The following scenarios generally require the use of Link Data:

  1. Viewing Data Details: When you need to pass data from one page (A) to another page (B) to display data details, you can create a [Link Data] on page B to receive the data from page A.

  2. Product Codes: In cases where each product is associated with a QR code (page A), scanning the QR code (page B) to view product details requires data transfer. Creating [Link Data] on the scanning page (B) allows it to receive the data passed by the QR code.

  1. Identify the Receiving Page: Create Link Data on the page that will receive the data, providing a location to collect Link Data.

  2. Specify Data Types: Define the correct data type for the Link Data to ensure proper data transmission.

  3. Choose Data Transfer Method: Determine how you'll pass the Link Data:

a. Jumping behavior

b. Code scanning behavior

c. Through sharing behavior

d. Other flexible use cases

As shown in the following figure: add Link Data to the page (choose the appropriate type to ensure that the Link Data is delivered correctly).

When moving from one page (A) to another (B) using a jump behavior, add the jump behavior to page A. Include parameters in the jump behavior to transmit the data.


  • Use the transmitted data in Page B to determine the content style for display.

  • Utilize the passed data as a filter when reading remote data on Page B to access specific information.

When storing data in a database, IDs often serve as unique identifiers for data pieces. Pass the ID data through [Link Data] for efficient data retrieval.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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