Learn how to use lottie animation to create dynamic visuals.


Visuals play a crucial role in capturing users' attention and making your web app stand out. Vector animations are a good way to elevate your web app's design. These animations could make your user interface engaging and memorable.

Action Introduction

Setting the animation playback state

Operation Guide

To download the animation URL: lottie

Upload: Import an animation component in JSON format.

Style-Loop: Enable looping for continuous animation playback.

Style-AutoPlay: Automatically initiate animation playback.


Click the "Play" button, and the vector animation starts to play.


Click "Stop", the vector animation will stop at the specified frame. Click the "Play" button to start playing it from the beginning.


Click "Pause", the vector animation will stop at the current frame. Click the "Play" button will start playing it from the beginning to the end.

Play Clip

When the button action is set to "Play Clip," only the portion between the start and end frames of the vector animation will be played.

Setting the direction

Direction: 1 plays the vector animation forward.

Direction: -1 plays the vector animation in reverse.


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