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Read this documentation to implement clipboard functionality lets users easily copy and paste text across their device.

Overview of Action

Upon activation (by a click), this action copies the specified content—either entered directly or bound within the action—to the phone’s clipboard. This allows users to easily paste this content into any application on their phone.

Note: This action currently supports only text-type data.

Setup Guide

To enable content copying, integrate the "Clipboard - Set Clipboard" action within the interactive elements of the component. Simply input or bind the textual data within the action settings.

Practical Example of Using the Clipboard Action

Enhancing User Experience: After the "Set Clipboard" action is triggered, improve the user experience by notifying users that the content has been successfully copied to their clipboard. This can be achieved by configuring an action to display a prompt immediately after the clipboard action. Users can then proceed to paste the copied content wherever necessary.

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