Learn about Lottie animation and how to set up your animation in Momen


Animation transforms static websites into captivating, interactive experiences. In this tutorial, you'll learn about Lottie animation and how to set up your web's animation effect in Momen.

Why Animation?

Compared with static images, animation offers a more friendly and pleasant user experience in terms of visual feedback in interaction. To a certain extent, it adds a vital finishing touch to your website.Consider a simple scenario: a button click. In the traditional web world, clicking a button might trigger a basic response, like a page transition or form submission. But with animation, that click becomes an event. It's a chance to dazzle users, provide instant feedback, and guide their journey. Here are some examples of games:

  1. Honor of King's multi-pane blinking

  2. Onmyoji's lottery drawing

  3. Hearthstone's card revailing

  4. CSGO's chest opening

While the outcomes are determined in a split second, animation designers craft these interactions to make users feel like they're part of something thrilling.

Lottie and GIF

In Momen, the animation effect specifically refers to the Lottie format animation. Here is an introduction of Lottie animation and gif:

To summarize: GIFs may be familiar and easy to use, but they come at a cost. They tend to consume more system resources, potentially leading to sluggish page performance. In contrast, Lottie animations are more silky and smooth and deliver a superior user experience.

Lottie Website

Explore the Lottie official website to experience the lightweight animations:

LottieFiles: Download Free lightweight animations for website & apps.

Interaction Settings

Lottie animations are highly customizable. You can configure them to loop continuously or play automatically upon loading. Additionally, you can specify actions to occur after the animation ends, such as delaying content display or triggering specific events. For example: Displaying the content of the homepage after a Lottie animation, triggering a lottery Lottie animation when the lottery button is clicked (creating an animation for opening a blind box or a red pocket), and showing the rewards after the animation has finished.

To configure the animations, drag the component onto the canvas. Upload the json file under the content. Then set up the desired actions under interaction.

Free Material Reference

To get started with Lottie animations, we've provided two silky-smooth examples for you to experiment with:

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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