Multi- Frontends Configuration

Learn how to create different frontends for users with various permissions/ roles.


A multi-client app enables the use of a central database through various user-specific frontends. For example, an online store may provide different interaction platforms for customers, and administrators.

Advantages of Multi-frontends

Customized user experience: Custom interfaces for different users enhance personalization and increase satisfaction.

Access control: Multi-frontend frameworks offer role-based access, granting administrators robust management tools while preserving standard functionalities for users.

Increase productivity: Crafting interfaces for distinct departmental needs streamlines workflows and accelerates task completion.

Simplify system: Specialized features for different users reduce complexity and cut down on maintenance costs.

Unified Data Management: All interfaces share the same back-end database, ensuring consistent and accurate information access for both users and administrators.

Add a New Client

⚠️ Note: Pro and above plan is needed to add multiple clients

You can click "+ Client" in your personal center to add a new client.

When adding success, your project will have:

  • Backend: Handles the data management, including database operations and data model.

  • Original Interface: The pre-existing client for viewing data structures and editing user interfaces.

  • New Client: The most recent client allows for creating and customizing new interface components.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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