This feature enables processing items in an array data source one by one (only remote data and select views are supported as data sources). Ideal for tasks such as updating database entries or calculating total shopping cart values.

Setup Guide

Example: Calculating the total shopping cart value for a current user:

Add Page Data: Start by adding "Arbitrary Precision Decimal" page data to store temporary calculation results, initially set to zero. If this default does not work, set it to zero during the page load.

Add Remote Data: Include a remote data request on your page to fetch shopping cart data, filtered by the current user ID as the buyer.

Configure Loop Action: Upon successful data retrieval, configure a loop action. Use the fetched data to multiply each item's "purchase quantity" by its "price," and add the product to a running total in the page data.

Example Calculation: Start with the total at 0. If the first cart item's quantity is 2 at a price of 100, the total becomes 200. For the next item with a quantity of 3 and price of 200, the new total becomes 800.

Further Operations: During the loop, each data item from the remote source can be accessed in "Item Data" for additional processing.

This setup provides a systematic approach to dynamically calculating totals based on user-specific cart data.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.​​​

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