Conditional Actions Design

Learn how to trigger specific actions in Momen's no-code platform based on various conditions.


In this tutorial, you'll explore how actions are triggered based on different conditions. This guide will empower you to configure actions with different conditions, optimizing your project's functionality.

When implementing certain business logic, we may need to instruct the software to perform different actions based on conditions. In Momen, this can be achieved by configuring conditional actions.

For example: In a software application for event registration, users need to input their name and contact information. When they click the registration button without entering information, a prompt appears, asking them to enter their name or contact information. When they fill in the complete registration information and click the registration button, it can execute the registration and related operations.

The configuration of conditional actions: In the example mentioned above, we typically add two conditional actions to the registration button. The first one is named "Incomplete Registration Information," and its conditions are configured to check if the customer's name input field is empty or if the contact phone input field is empty. When these conditions are met, the action is configured to display a prompt saying "Please complete the registration information." The second one is named "Information Complete," and its condition is set as "Always." In this case, if the previous condition is not met, it indicates that the information is complete, and in the second condition, the registration-related behavior is configured.


You can add multiple judgment conditions by clicking the "+" in [Conditional] action interface. Each condition can be configured with corresponding actions when it is met. The conditional judgment follows a top-to-bottom order. When the preceding condition is met, the associated action triggers. If not, subsequent conditions come into play.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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