Rich Text

Learn about rich text components in this tutorial to enhance the content and design of web applications.


In this tutorial, you'll discover how to enhance your web app's content and design using Rich Text Components to create stylish images or beautifully formatted text. We'll provide clear and beginner-friendly guidance and tips for more experienced users.

Application Scenarios

Need to display content and images in richer styles (e.g., long images, which can be made adaptive to different lengths using rich text components).


Using Components

  • Drag and drop rich text component

  • Edit rich text content

Tips for use

1. Pictures

Image types must be uploaded directly to the editor.

Hyperlinks Jump

3. Use of Remote Data (images or other data from a database) in Rich Text

  • Prerequisites:

  1. Understand basic html

  2. Edit rich text for style

  3. Configure the required remote data

  • Analyze the Rich Text Content:

Use content splicing and replacing to change the intermediate content to remote data

Splice Prefix: <p></p><div><img style="width:100%" src="

Splice Content: The URL of the image read from the remote data.

Splice Suffix: "/></div><p></p>

  • Replace

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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