V1.0.5 - 2023.10.9

Announcing the latest product update, version 1.0.5, released on October 9th, 2023.

I. Introduction

Momen's latest update, version 1.0.5, is here! Packed with exciting new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, this release is aimed at enhancing your development experience. Let's explore the highlights!

II. New Features

  1. Sub-database configuration coming on October 11th

  • We've introduced a new sub-database feature that allows users to create sub-databases by filtering the default data tables. It also supports separate sharing and content permission control.

  1. SEO Search Engine Optimization feature coming on October 11th

  • Your project will soon support SEO Search Engine Optimization functionality, scheduled for release on October 11th. With features like H tags, alt text, and sitemaps configuration, this update will significantly boost your project's search engine ranking, attract targeted traffic, and create potential business opportunities.

  1. The project details page has been launched

  • On this page, users can access information about computing resource usage and basic project details such as the expiration date and project members. Additionally, users can now purchase computing resource kits directly from this page.

  1. Gradient color configuration is now available.

  • Projects now support configuring gradient colors for backgrounds and text.

III. Improvements

  1. Introducing Release Reminders

  • We've added release reminders to prevent unnecessary errors resulting from forgetting to update the backend. This feature is now available in data models, third-party APIs, and the permission system.

  1. Hover Style Editing Capability

  • The new web framework allows for customizing variant styles on hover and includes the ability to adjust variant opacity.

IV. Bugfixes

  1. Resolved issues related to canvas centering.

VI. What We Are Currently Working On

  1. Working on users' feedback

We're thrilled to see our users engaging and providing valuable feedback that propels Momen to new heights. We've received over 100 comments and posts from various channels, including emails and Discord. In the upcoming month, our focus will be on addressing user feedback and enhancing the Momen editor based on your valuable input!

About Momen

Momen is a no-code web app builder, allows users to build fully customizable web apps, marketplaces, Social Networks, AI Apps, Enterprise SaaS, and much more. You can iterate and refine your projects in real-time, ensuring a seamless creation process. Meanwhile, Momen offers powerful API integration capabilities, allowing you to connect your projects to any service you need. With Momen, you can bring your ideas to life and build remarkable digital solutions and get your web app products to market faster than ever before.

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