V1.0.8 - 2024.3.07

Announcing the latest product update, version 1.0.7, released on March 7th, 2024.

I. Introduction

Momen's latest update, version 1.0.8, is here! Packed with exciting new features and enhancements. This release is aimed at enhancing your development experience. Let's explore the highlights!

II. New features

  1. Momen Basic Plan supports SEO configuration now.

  2. Optimization of Link Data configuration.

    1. Link Data supports not displaying links when there is no data. This means that Link Data will not be shown in the webpage link when there are no configured parameters, which will help increase SEO weight.

  1. SSO Optimization

    1. Optimizing page style and interaction, including support for parameter passing when configuring the target page.

III. Improvements

  1. When exporting the database, the table names and field names are changed to "display-name".

  2. Some performance optimizations.

  3. Bugfixes.

About Momen

Momen is a no-code web app builder, allows users to build fully customizable web apps, marketplaces, Social Networks, AI Apps, Enterprise SaaS, and much more. You can iterate and refine your projects in real-time, ensuring a seamless creation process. Meanwhile, Momen offers powerful API integration capabilities, allowing you to connect your projects to any service you need. With Momen, you can bring your ideas to life and build remarkable digital solutions and get your web app products to market faster than ever before.

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