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Performs assignment operations for the page data defined on the page.

Before reading this, please familiarize yourself with Page Data.

Configuration Guide

Setting up Page Data for Saving Single Data

Creating Page Data

As shown in the following figure, you can create page data on a page.

Assigning Values to Page Data via the [Set Page Data] Action

The [Set Page Data] action is triggered by clicking on the action as shown in the following image: Action on Click - App & Page Control - Set Page Data.

Assigning Values to Page Data through Other Actions

Many actions in Momen require the page data to be assigned a value after the data is obtained, as shown in the following figure, take "Upload File" as an example. After setting the page data of the type "File", the action of uploading a file will be triggered by clicking the button, and the uploaded file will be assigned to the page data to be saved. The uploaded file is then assigned to the page data to be saved.

Setting up Page Data that Holds Multiple Data

Before you read this section, learn about [Arrays and Handling of Processing].

Set Page Data

The following figure shows how to set page data: When setting page data for a page, activate "IsList" mode and enable duplicates based on your specific business needs. Utilizing "IsList" for page data is akin to initializing an empty array.

Through the [Set Page Data] action, you can incorporate multiple data entries into page data by adjusting the action to [Append]. However, each invocation of the action allows the addition of only one data entry at a time.


Assuming that when setting the value of the page data, the insertion is an array (array), then the page data at this time is equivalent to the time in the array saved in an array, rather than inserting the data in this array one by one to the page data.

Removing Data from Page Data

Enabling the "Unique" option allows you to utilize the [Remove] function within [Set Page Data]. During a [Remove] operation, the value to be removed is compared with the values in the page data. If a match is found, the corresponding value in the page data is deleted.

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