Component Control | Audio/Video | Play, Pause, Stop

Optimize the live user experience with Momen for smooth audio and video play, pause, and stop actions.


This tutorial will help you explore the dynamic control of audio and video components with Momen's "Component Control | Audio/Video | Play, Pause, Stop" feature. Whether adding background music or orchestrating multimedia interactions, empower your web app with precise control using Momen's versatile component features.

Actions in Brief

The media resource incorporates settings for play, pause, and stop actions for both audio and video elements.

💡 Tips:

  1. When dealing with multiple audio or video elements on a page, it is advisable to rename each one. This makes it easier to select and identify the specific audio or video component you want to work with.

  2. Videos can be directly uploaded using the video component or through the background, as outlined in the detailed description of the "Video" Tutorial. However, audio is uniquely handled and can only be imported through the background.

Operating Guidelines

Action Instructions

  1. Play

Let the video/audio start playing

  1. Pause

Temporarily stops the video/audio playback

  1. Stop

Stop video/audio playback and reset video/audio

💡 Tips:

To visualize the effect of all three, use the play/pause/stop buttons below to control the video.


Click on the component that requires configuration with the [Component Control] action, and add the action within its action settings.

Add actions in the following order: Action > Action on click > Component Control > Audio/Video > Play/Pause/Stop > Select specific audio/video.

Project Example - Adding Background Music

Background music play and pause rely on the media resource action to complete.

Supported Media Resource Formats

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.​​​

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