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This doc will guide you on how to integrate Google Sheet API with your Momen project.


Before starting, please make sure you have read and get yourself familiar with API Fundamentals. In this doc, we'll show you how to connect Notion's API in Momen. By doing this, your app can access external data from Google Sheet.

  1. Starting a New Project

Go to the Google Cloud Console, access the dropdown in the top bar, select "New Project," input necessary details, and move to your project.

Navigate to "Library."

Locate and activate the Google Sheets API.

  1. Generating an API Key

Proceed to "Credentials," set up your Credentials, opting for the API key as your authentication method.

Apply the Google Sheets API under API restrictions.

  1. API Testing via Postman

Initiate a Google Sheet tailored for Momen, ensuring to populate it with the desired content. Remember, sharing settings must be public to enable API access.

Utilize the following API endpoint for data retrieval, with additional details available in the Google Sheets API guide:


Input the necessary parameters into Postman accordingly.

  1. Momen API Configuration

With the API's functionality confirmed through Postman, the subsequent step involves implementing it within Momen in a manner akin to Postman's setup.

Input the earlier specified URL and parameters.

Upon a successful request, Momen will memorize the response. Then hit the "Save Config" to save your API configuration.

  1. Implementing API

For illustration, imagine integrating data from Google Sheets into the Prompt's Context. This step involves selecting the appropriate API for this purpose.

Specify the needed parameters.

Choose fields beneficial for the AI to generate responses.

During Preview Input, the desired data will be visible, acting as a segment of the Prompt to enhance the accuracy of AI responses.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

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