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Learn how to implement navigation within Momen, covering various navigation methods and best practices.


Navigation in Momen is an essential feature that allows users to control the flow of their web apps. This tutorial will explore the different navigation methods and their best use cases. Understanding navigation is crucial for creating a smooth user experience and handling product interactions.


Prerequisite: Multiple pages have been created.

  1. Add the [Navigation] action to your component's action.

  2. Open the action and select the desired method of navigation.

Go to Page

Navigate to a certain page.

If you want to return to the previous page after navigation, you need to configure a button and the action to specify the page to return to, or return by clicking the browser's back button.

Open a new tab in the browser and display the page content.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to join our Discord community for assistance.

About Momen

Momen is a no-code web app builder, allows users to build fully customizable web apps, marketplaces, Social Networks, AI Apps, Enterprise SaaS, and much more. You can iterate and refine your projects in real-time, ensuring a seamless creation process. Meanwhile, Momen offers powerful API integration capabilities, allowing you to connect your projects to any service you need. With Momen, you can bring your ideas to life and build remarkable digital solutions and get your web app products to market faster than ever before.

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